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Post tweets anonymously — Developed with Python

Amir Ali Hashemi


I love the world of anonymity on the internet. Being anonymous gives you lots of positive opportunities like sharing your ideas and thoughts without being personally judged, especially when it comes to controversial or taboo topics.

This concept prompted me to design and implement a Twitter bot called Tweetless that allows anonymous tweeting. Using this bot, people are given a voice to speak their minds on a variety of subjects. They can tweet about matters of importance to them with a potential worldwide audience when normally they would have very few people willing to hear their thoughts.


Now that you have got the overall idea, let me explain to you how exactly Tweetless is designed to function in detail.

For a person to post an anonymous tweet on Tweetless, he or she should do the submission through the Telegram bot that I’ve developed. This Telegram bot serves as an entry form and asks users to submit new tweets.

Once a tweet is submitted, it is added to the waiting queue, and every 15 minutes, five of the oldest tweets from the queue are posted on the Telegram channel for voting. Something similar to Reddit. The channel members can upvote or downvote tweets.

By creating such a voting system, I intended to empower the community to choose what types of tweets they would like to see on Tweetless while filtering out abusive and nonsense ones.

As soon as the voting is done (tweets are up for voting for 15 minutes), the tweet with the most upvotes and least downvotes is automatically selected and published on Tweetless.

And this process repeats 24/7.

The following diagram illustrates the aforementioned detail in a flowchart format.


At first glance you might think putting such a project design into action is like rocket science. But it isn’t! At least not for someone with intermediate programming skills.



Amir Ali Hashemi

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